Size of the Ovaries

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In general, Post-menarchal ovaries measure 2.5-5 cm in length, and 1.5 to 3 cm. in width and depth. Volume generally is Because of the ovary has a variable, usually oval shape, size is best expressed as an estimated volume. Ovarian Volume is estimated as: Volume (ml.) = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm) x 0.52 Using this formula, normal ovarian size is generally Pre-pubertal 0 – 8 ml. Post-pubertal 0-18ml Post- Menopausal 0-8 ml. The Ratio of larger to smaller ovary should normally be less then 2:1 Volume Estimates as a function of age: Age 0 -10 yr. : Mean 1.7 ml. 0.2 – 4.9 ml (95% Confidence Interval) Age 11-20 yr. : Mean 7.8 ml. 1.7 – 18.5 ml. (95% Confidence Interval) Age 21-30 yr. : Mean 10.2 ml 2.6 – 23.0 ml. (95% Confidence Interval) Age 31-40 yr. : Mean 9.5 ml. 2.6 – 20.7 ml. (95% Confidence Interval) Age 41-50 yr. : Mean 9.0 ml. 2.1 – 20.9 ml. (95% Confidence Interval) Age 51-60 yr. : Mean 6.2 ml. 1.6 – 14.2 ml. (95% Confidence Interval) Age 61-70 yr. : Mean 6.0 ml. 1.0 – 15.0 ml. (95% Confidence Interval) This Normal resting Ovary is a non-descript ultrasound structure:

The size of the premenopausal ovary is a dynamic structure that changes in size morphology and blood flow during tghe menstrual cycle

premenopausal 6 ccs (Sample)

post menopausal = 2.5ccs (HAll)


Volume: Premenarchal Patients Mean 3.0ml (0.2 – 9.1ml)

Menstruating Patients Mean 9.8ml (2.5 – 21.9ml)

Postmenopausal Patients Mean 5.8ml (1.2 – 14.9ml)

Normal (a) and Large Unruptured Follicles (b)

The ultrasound  shows a normal left ovary with small Graaffian follicles (a) and an enlarged ovary with two unruptured simplae cysts (b)  The stlatter study is from is from a 46 year female who presents with pelvic discomfort. The transvaginal ultrasound (b)  shows a large 6cms ovary that contains two cysts each about 2cms in size.. The ovary is about twice to 3 times normall in size and the distension presumably causes the discomfort. The cysts are simple in nature without hemorrhage.

ovary pain cysts discomfort nrmal variant enlarged normal follicles USscan ultrasound copyright 2008 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD 83269c.8s


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