Principles of Disease


The Common Vein Copyright 2008

Niharika Nixit MD Ashley Davidoff MD

We learned in an earlier part of the module that there is a universal equation that defines the interactions between objects.


Things interact with other things in a given environment at a moment in time resulting in a change.  This change may be either good or bad – positive or negative.


When the change is bad – disorder results and the biological equivalent of disorder is disease.


There are about 12 basic disorders of disease.


1  Inflammation

2  Infection

3  Neoplasm amd other growth abnormalities

4  Mechanical disorders

5  Trauma

6  Metabolic disorders

7  Circulatory

8  Immune disorders

9  Iatrogenic

10 Inheritd

11 Idiopathic

12 Functional

13 Healling that has as a consequence a degree of disorder