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Hemorrhagic Cysts


Left Sided Ruptured Hemorrhagic Cyst with Free Blood in the Pelvis and Bleeding onto the Greater Omentum RLQ (pink)

This CT scan is that of a 27 year old female who presented with acute lower pelvic pain in mid cycle.  The findings of free blood in the pelvidss (maroon) the cyst (yelloow) with an enhancing rim9Bright red) and spillage of b;lood onto the greater omentum (pink let anterior) are consistent with a ruptured hemorrhagic cyst .

24480c01 27 year old female presented with lower abdominal pain pelvic pain ovary fx cyst cul de sac blood free blood hyperdense corpus luteum cyst greater ometum congested fx enhancing dx hemorhagic ovarian cyst CT scan C- CTscan Courtesy Ashley DAvidoff MD

Neoplasm Benign

Mass with Fat, Calcium, Fluid Fluid Level – Dermoid of the Ovary

24078 ovary fx mass fx fat fx calcification fx fluid-fluid level dx dermoid CTscan C- 24078 24077 Davidoff MD